Zoë Darrow


"Zoë Darrow is one of the best young Celtic fiddlers in the country, an intense shape-note alto singer and a remarkably original songwriter. Raised on a sheep farm in the western Massachusetts hill town of Blandford, she began studying fiddle at the age of three, specializing in the music of Cape Breton and released her first album with her band The Fiddleheads in 2002 at the age of 12. She has since branched out to embrace interests in Mongolian music, Sacred Harp singing, rock and experimental folk, which pepper her solidly traditional style with elements of surprise and delight. 

 Zoë Darrow is a fiddler of unusual intensity and expressive range who grew up playing Cape Breton and Scottish music. Having released the first CD with her band the Fiddleheads, the Valley Advocate’s “best Celtic band,” at the age of 12."